What others are saying about our Age-Sensitivity Training:


The Senior Awareness and Sensitivity Skills Training Course is an excellent training tool for anyone who currently works in customer service or plans to soon. Aging customers have unique challenges and will continue to be a significant demographic group in many aspects of society. This course is highly informative, easy to understand, but more importantly, it provides the user with activities to develop empathy and a deeper understanding of the significant challenges faced by our aging population.
As a retired teacher who worked with many students in Career Preparation and Work Experience courses for over 15 years, this would be a valuable course for all students to take. Aging customers are found in many entry-level jobs and certification in this course would be a valuable credential on a young person’s resume. Careers in Health Services are in high demand and this course could be the first step in opening doors for volunteer work in many senior-related activities or residences. Prospective employers look for employees that have knowledge of customer needs and challenges, and this course offers that and more. Everyone of us has aging family members and friends and this course offers information as well as tips to help communicate effectively and respectfully with all our aging citizens. I would recommend this course to all Career Prep and Work Experience students as well as any other student who wants to develop the skills to work with our aging population.
Patricia Pauquette
Retired Teacher
Coquitlam School District #43

The program is an eye opener. I’ve been working for over 27 years in the insurance industry and feel that I can deal with anybody. I discovered we need to be more sensitive when dealing with older people. We need to take a step back and try to understand what they may be going through. We should not be painting them all with the same brush. Many of our clients are aging and we need to be able to communicate with them effectively. This interactive course will educate you on how to do identify behaviours and how to respond to them. I recommend this program to anyone who deals with the elderly.
Teresa Shergill
Commercial Lines Manager
Guardian Risk Managers Ltd

“This course is a must for anyone interacting with the public, be it customers, citizens or anyone you come in contact with. Age-wise is important but the lessons of the course can apply to many people. You will learn a lot and have some fun along the way. The course is very interactive and experiential. It will get you thinking about aging for sure. “
Laurie Darcus
Director of Corporate Services
City of Penticton, BC, Canada

The Stepping into Their Shoes Age-Sensitivity Training Course is an eye-opening look into the needs and challenges faced by aging customers. The advice and examples are practical and useful. I would recommend this course to anyone serving the public or working with aging populations. I look forward to subsequent trainings.
Vicki McLeod, ACC, ORSCC
Main Street Communications Ltd.

The Age-sensitivity training is a great reminder for those of us who have been around more mature people for quite some time to be patient and compassionate. It’s also an eye opener into how mature people think. Let’s face it, 80 is the new 65!
I found the training to be very extensive yet simple and straight forward.
It’s great training for all ages and all professionals as this training can be used when dealing with the public and or your own family.
Thank you Lucky for sharing your knowledge.
Rowena List
Professional Organizer, Coach and Speaker