Onboarding your millennial employees with Age-Sensitivity Training.

Will our Age-Sensitivity Training be suitable to build into your organizations onboarding experience? Well let’s find out.

There is a growing aggravation among managers and business leaders with assimilating millennials into their organizations. Does this sound familiar?

Age-Wise Business Solutions integrates generations successfully through our Age- sensitivity program. It provides employees with a fresh new approach to training and interpersonal development that can elevate their performance and take your business success to a whole new level.
We teach relevant, practical skills and strategies that are fundamental to any onboarding program.
It educates your employees in the art of assessment, critical thinking and problem solving, the abilities that most millennials are not equipped with. These are skills that go far beyond a short orientation process and can be applied in various aspects of their job. Completing our training can make a fundamental difference in how your employees relate to your baby boomer and senior customers and peers. The benefits of our Age-Sensitivity training will have long term lasting results for your organization.

However, will this training be a good fit for your organization?
Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you hiring a larger number of millennials (those between age 18 and 38) to replace employees that are retiring?
  2. Does your organization currently serve customers, clients or guests that are age 60plus and seniors?
  3. Are baby boomers and senior customers people you want to attract to grow your business?
  4. Is your organization experiencing generational tension between millennials and older employees and customers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the answer is a definite yes – Our training will be an excellent fit for your onboarding program.

Author: Lucky Lauridsen RN, PID – Corporate Age-Sensitivity Training Strategist, Onboarding Specialist for Millennials to Senior Staff, Fostering Age-friendly business.