Have you included baby boomers and seniors in your marketing strategy?

Want to learn how your organization can stay relevant and profitable well into the future?

Did you know that people age 60 plus are part of the fastest growing population in history? Currently 5.9 million people in Canada are over the age of 65. This number will double within the next 25 years! In the United States these numbers are significantly higher. Thanks to the advancements in modern medicine what we also know is if we anticipate there will be more 60 plus people then there will be more 70plus, 80plus and 90plus people too. In-fact in Canada in 2016 there were 8,230 people over 100 years of age and this number is expected to grow to over 40,000 by 2051. In the US the centurions will be closer to 834,000.

People are living longer and choosing to stay in their own homes and communities for as long as possible versus going into any type of residential facility. Assisting more of them in your businesses and organizations is inevitable. It will just become a daily occurrence; you and your staff will be interacting with more of them on the front-lines.

Your greatest challenge will be to ensure your staff have the right training to keep up with the demands of these customers. It will become increasingly critical if you want your organization to remain relevant, current and profitable well into the future. Older customers have the highest level of disposable income and they are the most brand loyal, but they are selective and choose to do business with organizations that understand them and their needs. When you provide your employees with the right training your organization will experience positive outcomes for your staff, your customers, and your bottom line.


Our Age-Sensitivity training program was designed specifically for staff of any business or organization working to serve aging customers. We have over 30 years of experience working directly with older adults in a variety of settings. We cut through needless information and stay focussed on providing your employees with exactly what they need to know.

Our training is delivered in a way that resonates for all employees but especially younger employees. We offer virtual training that gives your staff simple, relevant, practical information. This is coupled with skills, strategies and real-life activities that will assist them in performing their job more successfully, and keep your customers satisfied and coming back no matter what their age. Our system provides a new customer centered universal approach that can be used and applied with any customer.

Author: Lucky Lauridsen
Learn more at www.agewisebusiness.com

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