Is your organization losing potential revenue?

Are your employees missing the mark when it comes to baby boomer and senior customers?

It is shocking how often businesses miss the mark, and hence the financial gains, and improvements in efficiencies and workflows by creating an age-sensitive workforce. The list of common ‘wants’ by baby boomers and seniors are small, but often met with micro-aggressions that might seem minor to the organizations but speaks volumes to their older clientele and their families and friends.

Losing Potential Revenue

Here is a good example of what the older customer wants and needs and what most
Businesses and Organizations are currently providing.

Older Customer Specific Service Need                                  How Businesses and Org Miss the Mark

  1. Patient and thorough explanation of product                     1. Quickly reciting a prewritten script
  2. Personalized and thoughtful interaction                              2. Not learning (or using) client’s name
  3. Respectful treatment                                                               3. Speaking in a condescending or annoyed tone
  4. Simple and clear experiences                                                4. Insisting clients utilize technology for service

Instead of treating older customers like they are difficult or a dying demographic that simply needs to be tolerated organizations need to open their minds to the potential business opportunity. The percentage of older people continues to increase at a rapid pace world wide, those organizations that fail to learn how to effectively meet their needs will lose out on their potential business all together. Investing in the right staff training, creating guidelines and strategies to secure and support older customers leads to work place efficiencies, saving time, money and increasing your bottom line.

Re-thinking the way you market your company and train and educate your staff can be critical to the future success of your organization.

There is more to providing services for aging customers than just knowing some facts and stats about them. It’s about adopting effective strategies that more specifically address their needs and enhance the quality of their experiences on the front-lines which goes far beyond just reciting scripts.

Through our training Age-Wise Business Solutions will show you and your employees not to just survive the impending Age-Quake, but how to harness the spending power of this highly lucrative demographic. We choose to work with organizations that want to create lasting and profitable business by maximizing their appeal to their older customers and seniors.

There are billions of dollars in potential profit out there waiting.

Author: Lucky Lauridsen                                                                                                                                                  Learn more:


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